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danielle nottingham at the white house. >>> president obama suggested he will consider military action against syria, if the international community confirms president bashar assad used chemical weapons on his own people. >> it is such that we don't want that genie out of the box. prodding lawmakers to find a compromise. >>> the only way to lift it is if we do a bigger deal that meets the test of lowering our deficit. and growing our economy. >> reporter: the president sounded more optimistic about immigration reform, saying that he is confident that a bipartisan bill in the senate that beats up border security and provides a pathway to citizenship will make it to his desk. >> president obama praised workers working on the boston bombing case. as for whether americans should worry about big public events, he said everyone should take a cue from boston. >> that we're not going to stop living our lives because warped, twisted individuals try to take it from us. >> it seems like a terrific young man. and -- you know, i told him i wouldn't -- couldn't be prouder. >> reporter: president oba
of other topics. danielle nottingham reports for wjz from the white house. >> reporter: president obama suggested he'll consider military action against syria, if the international community confirms president bashar assad used chemical weapons his own people. >> the proliferation is such that we don't want that genie out of that box. >> reporter: the president prodding lawmakers to find a compromise that will replace the automatic budget cuts. >> the only way we're going to lift it is if we do a bigger deal that meets the test of lowering our deficit and growing our economy. >> reporter: the president sounded more optimistic about immigration reform. saying that he is confident that a bipartisan bill in the senate that beats up border security and provides a pathway to citizenship, will make it to his desk. >> president obama praised investigators working on the boston bombing case. asked whether americans should worry about big public events, he said everyone can take a cue from boston. >> that we're not going to stop living our lives because warped, twisted individuals try to intimid
monday after he announced he was gay. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> president obama said no stone will be left unturned in reviewing whether any sensitive intelligence was missed that could have stopped the attacks on the boston marathon. well, the boston attack has the maryland jockey club making security changes for this year's preakness stakes. fans will have to go through electronic wand searches may 17th andabyth. in addition, no backpacks or duffle bags will be allowed inside. we'll have much more on the changes coming up live at 5:00 on wjz. >>> our chilly, damp conditions stick around for another day. it's cloudy and cool with occasional drizzle. we want it to go away. wjz has weather and traffic together. meteorologist chelsea ingram is here with our updated weather and we'll talk to kristy in just a second. chlsy? >> thanks, everyone. we have reports of drizzle, haze, each fog. but it is much quieter today than it was this sometime yesterday. temperatures are still cool out there, around 61 degrees in washington. 57 in easton. but look at that, 67 degrees a
was critic of bushes gave gracious comments. obama who heretofore has not said much nice about the predecessor even if n the white house several unveiling the official portrait said very few things about the president. gave expanse i and generous and gracious comments. also that was interesting at the private lunch following event, president obama threw out a line that was a great line. i suspect it would have been better if he used it publicly. he said i learned a lot from the predecessor, once you get in the job, you understand how difficult the job really is. i learned how difficult it is to throw out the ball, the first pitch of a game. and how hard it is to ride a bike. from my predecessor. it was a note of humility and humor and graciousness. >> bill: good. glad to hear that. glad to hear that. you heard the barney frank interview. i wanted to get your opinion on why you think the president doesn't say the words "islamic jihad." know it was the motivator for the two to go up and kill an 8-year-old boy, three other americans and wound 200. but barack obama simply will not
. the mane stream media as president obama said in white house corresondents dinner i'm proud to be all of you because all of you voted for me. >> they cheered obama when he said it. >> john mccain did a joke how the media was his base. it was a joke. >> reality, as you know, the data all show this by four or five to one margin supported obama in 2008, not mccain. mccain had a base among the media until he ran for president which it collapsed. >> difference whether or not people in the media reported him and influenced reporting. those are two different things. jon: we're getting a big wrap from you two guys. >> i don't blame him. jon: always fun being in the middle of your arguments. alan colmes, jim pinkerton, thank you. jenna: scare us a little bit here. nba player, veteran of the league jason collins is making headlines. julie banderas is with the "fox 411.". >> could lines says i'm a 34-year-old nba center and i'm black and gay. coming out boldly, the world and worldwide web reacting first active openly gay pro athlete after making front page of "sports illustrated". the 34-year-ol
are doing here today. we're talking about the veterans event at the white house. we will have live coverage with president barack obama, his wife, vice-president joe biden, and his wife jill biden. we are also covering the anti- defamation league's annual summit in washington d.c.. it opens in a keynote address on our ron's nuclear program and the aftermath of the boston marathon bombing. that is 9:00 a.m. on the c- span3. and bloomberg this afternoon hosting a summit on the deficit and a recovering economy. that is around 2:10 p.m.. we will be covering bill clinton speaking about his influences on his career lives on the c-span at 10:30 a.m. eastern time. that is some of our coverage here on c-spanhere c-span2, and c-span3. congress is out this week on recess, they will return next week. we are talking about the quality of education in your community. norristown, pennsylvania, independent scholar. your thoughts? i agree, i do not have the correlation between unionizing teachers and the quality of education. i did research that showed that there is no difference in performance between chart
bell joins us from bloomberg headquarters with that and more. good thursday morning. >> president obama began experiencing the effects of the sequester yesterday. the first wave of white house furloughs did tin-tin. jay carney says all the non commission staff will miss one workday unpaid. commissioned officers will have to take a pay cut. jay carney says the spending cuts affects each and every one of the white house employees. ending the furloughs of air traffic controllers, it takes $250 million away from funding for airport construction projects. that includes work for safety improvements and pavement repairs. shows unemployment fraud costs the government $3.3 billion in 2011. this comes as money was paid to people no longer alive or even in jail. in large share went to people who are not unemployed. justin timberlake brought sexy save but not even he can but light platinum. -- justin timberlake brought sexy back. more in the next hour. >> we will see you then. it is 50 degrees. back to the breaking news out of alexandria. >> dominion power is looking into what caused an outage that
. president obama said the use of chemical weapons would cross a red line forcing action but stopped short of saying what action would be taken. the white house is very concerned about the use of chemical weapons against rebels and civilians. but equally concerned that the weapons may fall in hands of extremist groups fighting alongside with the rebels. president obama on friday essentially reduced expectations that the united states would intervene in syria anytime soon. american officials fear that as bad as assad may be and as bad as the violence may be now, what comes after he is removed may be more chaotic and violent. as the debate continues, the rebels attack a government air base in the province today, while the syrian forces repeatedly shelled rebel positions in and around the province of aleppo. shannon? with the latest from the middle east. thank you. >>> distributors of videos circulating on the web claim it shows proof syrian government is guilty of attacking the own citizen with the kim call weapons. just last week they admitted the likelihood that syria used small amount of
to be with you. >>> taking you to a developing story now. live pictures at the rose garden at the white house. president obama is announcing the nomination of penny pritzger. let's listen in. >> we know he's going to be extraordinary leading that institution. but today i'm in a position to nominate two extraordinary individuals to continue the work of ron and becky as key members of my economic team. as i said in my state of the union address, when it comes to growing our economy and our middle class, we should focus on three things. number one, making sure america's a magnet for good jobs. number two, helping workers earn the skills they need to get those jobs, and number three, making sure their hard work actually leads to a decent living. both these individuals share that focus. first, i'm not naming penny pritzger to serve as my secretary of commerce. now, penny is one of our country's most distinguished business leaders. she's got more than 25 years of management experience in industries including real estate, finance, and hospitality. >> when he says hospitality, she's from the hyatt ho
, president obama discusses a new education initiative at the white house science fair. after that, the 2013 teacher of the year. first senator speeches by signature heitkamp. >> it to cars pull someone has a stranger and the other as dick cheney, you get in the car with the stranger. >> if you took all the money republicans spent tried to stop health-care weekend have health care. here we are at the hilton. >> is hard to be funny with the president of the united states sitting here. somehow, the joe biden manages to do in it. >> our coverage starts at the red carpet are rivals like today at 6:15 eastern on c-span. >>, monday, president obama posted the third white house science fair. obamamonday, president posted a third white house science fair. he announced a new program focusing on those four areas. this is 50 minutes. -- 15 minutes. [applause] >> thank you, everybody. have a seat. welcome to the white house science fair, one of my favorite events through the course of the year, and i just had a chance to see some of the outstanding exhibits that have been put forward by some of these am
at large at salon and author of the book "what is the matter with white people?" president obama marked 100 days of his second term and we see headlines like this one. president obama says "i am still relevant." is he finding his voice having an effective audience? how would you rate how he has done on the big issues? pre-k's i give him -- >> -- guest: i give him a b. we focus on the president and act like he has magic powers. a tough he has congress to work with, and the republicans in particular and democrats are to blame at times, too, have devoted themselves to not working with him. a lot of people thought he should have done more on the gun control will. i do not know he had it in his power to move those last six votes on either side. i am more critical on the sequester. newt: on gun control, then " york times" is sending reporters up to kelly ayotte where she is drawing supporters and detractors for her vote against the gun control bill. "the wallheadline in street journal." "theou watching -- washington post e are you watching what is happening? guest: very closely. she is in a purpl
's press conference yesterday. the white house says president obama is considering all option inside its closer is sending sed arms to the syria.syria. no decision has been made on the president's so-called red line on the syria's use of chemical weapons. the president says he needs more evidence. >> we have evidence that chemical weapons have been useds inside of syria, but we don't we know how they were used, when, n they were used, who used them, m we don't have a chain of custody that establishes what exactly happened. >> president obama also repeated his call for the prison camp at guantanamo bay to be closed. >>> now at the same news news conference president obama said the nation's counter terrorismtm did their jobs leading to the boston marathon bombings. b he asked the top intelligence officials to investigate whethee important information was shares and whether the u.s. could havee prevented this attack. >>> in the meantime the family of the deceased suspect tamerlan tsarneav will claim the body thy from a massachusetts morgue now that the widow has agreed to to release it. tam
expected today at the white house. president barack obama expected -- toinate the new nominate the charlotte mayor as the secretary. prominence after bringing the democratic national convention to charlotte last year. watch the event at two o'clock 3.m. eastern on c-span 16she married at the age of and helped teach her husband to be better reader and wider. during the civil war she snuck supplies tuesday union in the tennessee mountains. but the time her president critic by the time her husband takes office she is ill. meet allies johnson, wife of and johnson as to continue our series on first ladies with your questions and comments by phone, facebook, and twitter. tonight, live on c-span and c- span3, also on c-span radio and >> "washington journal" continues. each money we look at how your money is being spent in a different sector of the federal government. we look at private-sector companies that depend on federal all,acts for most, if not their work. we're joined by "washington times" correspondents luke rosiak. you recently looked at federal pay for executives
room of the white house where in a few minutes we expect president obama to come to announce an initiative for military veterans and a private sector jobs initiatives for veterans and military spouses. vice president joe biden and dr. joe biden and the first lady will also be any attendance. pomona, calif., on the independent line. caller: think of taking my call. i think the president is doing a wonderful job. -- thank you for taking my call. listening to these ungrateful people and things he has to deal with, he has held this ship up when we are going down in the dumps. they say that he blames everything on them, but all of the things that have taken place and that are viewed as negative, a lot of them happened before obama came into office. going back to one of president obama's campaign rally cries, the people really need help, we need to get fired up, ready to go in 2014 because we are tired things. the woman quoting appears three times when these lives are at stake? preschool.t, losing you know, it's time for us to get the children now. president obama is not a divider.
attaches live there. investigators have not filed any charges so far. >> president obama will go to mexico later this morning for a three day trip that also includes a stop in costa rica. the white house says the president will highlight immigration reform moving through congress and will try to strengthen economic relations between the u.s. and mexico. today marks the second anniversary of osama bin laden's death. >> the hawk-eye leader was killed in his compound by a u.s. special forces unit. the death of the man behind the 9/11 attacks caused a decade- long manhunt. it's a major milestone for one world trade center which replaces the twin towers. the last piece of spire will be put in place today, weather permitting. it was postponed because of strong wind. when the last piece is installed, it will be the highest in the western hemisphere. the 104-story skyscraper set to open next year. security checkpoint now open at includingwashington nine lanes and a secure what way at concourse c. the upgrades will continue throughout the summer. >> hockey fans are hockeyred tonight -- hockey fans
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? caller: you do not know who he is? [laughter] he is a brain surgeon. he was at the white house correspondents back fist -- breakfast, and he sort of chewed out obama. host: no more politicians? .aller: we need americans the democrats are corrupt, and the republicans are corrupt. fast and furious, eric holder. right here, and ghazi -- benghazi. said, forinton americans dead, what did that matter? they were asking for help, and america did not give them none. host: brian calling for no more politicians in the 2016 race for the white house. a few more headlines from you -- for you. here is the "washington post" story on president obama's comments yesterday on u.s. troops on the ground in syria that is the story from "the washington post." on the same subject, this from today's "new york times" -- that story in today's "new york times" if you want to read more on that. on the subject of the 2016 race and your choice for president in the 2016 contest, we will go to ted from jefferson, iowa. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. i just wanted to basically give a dutiful an iowa
obama. forbes estimates her net worth at $1.85 billion. mike has been a top economic adviser at the white house since the president took office. they were classmates in law school and worked together as editors of the harvard law review. >>> turning to business news. good news on the job's front. let's check in with cnbc's julia boorstin live with more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. julia, good morning. >> good morning to you, keith. stocks are trading higher, erasing yesterday's losses. investors are responding to better than expected jobless claims and the european and central bank cutting the key interest rate. the dow up more than 100 points. the nasdaq up by more than 1%. nearly 40 points. and the s&p 500 also higher by nearly 1%. >>> the labor department says the number of americans seeking unemployment aid is now at its lowest level in more than five years. the drop points to viewer layoffs and possibly more hiring. the government releases its monthly jobs report tomorrow. >>> and elsewhere in the economy, worker productivity barely grew from jan
conducted the rail on the compound where bin laden was hiding out. president barack obama broke the news to the nation, that was a moment many of us do remember and of course one other memories you might have would be the celebration that took place outside the white house immediately after it. >> it was unterritoriable. >>> all right time now for a check of the weather. yesterday was gorgeous. we deserve et because earlier in the week it was pretty nasty. lynette. what can they expect? >> they can expect lots of sunshine megan. that's for sure. you see that big h. in the middle of the screen? this is going to provide us with lots of sunshine through the rest of today. we do have a cold front back off towards the west the north and west of us. that's the one that's providing snow across many parts of the nation now. we're not going to be seeing that. it's may 2nd and this is really unheard of for this time of the year. but throughout the day, as we go through tomorrow, this sunshine will continue so get out there and enjoy that because we can see the temperatures right now coming in at 4
a white house photo op, president obama discussed the syrian civil war and other issues. u.s. intelligence agencies of recently reported that the syrian government has used chemical weapons in the now two- year-old civil war. president obama called the findings begin to and your. game changer. this is about 10 minutes. >> i want to welcome to the oval office once again, king abdullah. his majesty is a great friend of the united states. jordan is a great partner to the united states on a host of issues. although we have recently seen each other, want to thank his majesty for the extraordinary hospitality he showed during our visit. there remain a host of issues in the region we will have a opportunity to discuss. first of all, i want to congratulate his majesty on syria -- the serious issue inside of jordan. we have been supportive with respect to long guarantees and other efforts in part because we have also seen the abdulla take some very important steps to further open democracy and entrepreneurship inside of jordan. we want to encourage that because we think jordan can be an extraordina
for kids who don't have very much money so they can attend journalism school. this year fox news white house correspondent ed henry, a good guy, was in charge. henry did a very nice job raising0,000 for the students as part of the event, president obama gets to make fun of everybody, including himself. >> these days i look in the mirror and i have to admit i'm not the strapping young muslim socialist that i used to be. [ laughter ] i know republicans are still sorting out what happened in 2012. one thing they do agree on they need to do a better job reaching out to minorities. call me self-centered. i could think of one minority they could start with. hello. [ laughter ] [ applause ] think of me as a trial run, you know. see how it goes. this whole trophy billion jay-z going to cuba it's up believable i have 99 problems and now jay-z is 1. that's another rap reference, bill. >> bill: well, i must thank the president for the heads up. sorry to say i am not down with the jay-z song 99 problems. but if it's half as good as cara by jay and the americans i think i'm going to like it. then c
characters. in this case obama is considered to be the lead character. congress is kind of this nebulous entity. i think it might be more effective for media -- for the media, for the white house, to explain more of congress' intransience instead of naming just congress. but naming real names. mitch mcconnell, john boehner, et cetera. >> even when you start talking about the leaders, what strikes me about john boehner over the last couple of years is he is sort of, to me, a uniquely unpowerful speaker. he has the title, they give him a chauffer, all the perks that come along with the job but we were talking about this in the gun segment, when it comes to actually doing what the green lantern people ask president obama to do, crack heads together, he can't do that to his own republican conference these days but he's led by them much more than he leads them. there's this whole other wrinkle which is probably difficult to explain, too. i want to get into -- i sort of teased the marureen dowd thing. it makes me laugh so i want to share it with you. are baked with brown rice and sweet potato!
in the white house. wonder who they're thinking about. >>> our new "hardball" feature comes on tonight, the unkindest cut. remember shakespeare? republicans like to say president obama is exaggerating the pain from the sequester cuts, but let's see about that. let's ask the people who run soup kitchens, for example, and food pantries in this country. see how they're doing on these cuts. we will tonight. >>> remember how republicans said they had to change after the 2012 elections? then explain why the rising star of the gop right now is someone who wants things even further to the right. republicans -- the republican in this case is ted cruz. he could be the next barry goldwater, he says. actually i sort of like goldwater. this guy doesn't seem quite as nice. >>> finally leave it to the global warming is a hoax governor. who says the government is out there buying the bullets in country so the rest of us are being denied our gun rights. paranoia, you think? this is "hardball." the place for politics. [ male announcer ] running out of steam? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the r
on what president obama's increasingly graying hair might mean. >> number 5. >> your hair is so white it could be a member of your cabinet. >> ooh. >> the president obviously getting slammed for not having a more minority -- more minorities in his cabinet. he took care of that when he named mel watt head of fsha. the president had his turn at the podium. he did very, very well. and he talked about the little gaffe he made when he phrased california attorney general pamela harris for being the most beautiful attorney general in the country. >> number 4? >> i am not in california. i happen to mention pamela harris is the best-looking attorney general in the country. as you might imagine i got trouble when i got back home. who knew eric holder was so sensitive. >> bill: very funny the first time around. the president, cnn came in for quite a few knox in the evening, from conan o'brien, but it was president obama who got the first shot in at cnn. remember, this is after john king up in boston reported that they arrested the suspect in the bombing case when
ovulation so there's an important distinction there. >> chip reid thank you. >>> president obama leaves tomorrow for costa rica. yesterday he held a wide-ranging news conference. bill plante is at the white house. good morning, bill. >> good morning, charlie. good morning norah. the gun bill sale the sequester appears here to stay and immigration reform is still a glimmer of hope largely because the president has stayed out of it. so here's the way the question was put to him yesterday. do you still have the juice to get anything done. with congress out of session, republicans were out of position to respond as the president charged that the lack of progress on big issues is the fault of members of congress unable to look beyond re-election. >> their base thinks that compromise with me is somehow a betrayal. they're worried about primaries, and i understand all that. >> even some democrats have expressed concern about implications of the president's signature health care bill. >> if you already got health insurance, then that part of obama care that affects you,
obama expected to select charlotte, north carolina, mayor, anthony foxx as his new transportation chief. rich edson is live at the white house with more on the president's new nominee. >> just a couple minutes, the president will make the new announcement. anthony foxx, mayor of charlotte. known for bringing transportation and infrastructure projects to his city. shifting department of transportation, ray lahood, focused on safety, texting while driving to infrastructure projection. take a look. he wants $4 billion additional dollars for department of transportation fund. $50 billion up front in additional infrastructure projects. $40 billion over five-year period for additional rail projects and one billion for a new traffic control system. this is up for a senate nomination and confirmation. a process will begin once the president makes his initial confirmation here or recommendation here to the united states senate. we expect that to happen in just a minute or some back to you. ashley: let's listen in. >> everybody have a seat. good afternoon, everybody. ray lahood has said that bein
for the white house and it's showing when it comes to recent appointments? >> a couple of cabinet picks this week, top appointments this week by president obama shows sort of a second term approach. officials tell glenn thrush who wrote this piece in the first term the president was more likely to make a cabinet pick for political reasons or because people told him he should or because he had to. this cabinet is more of his cabinet. people he wants in there. we saw that yesterday with the nomination of penny pritsker who helped get obama his career started and part of the chicago group that first started with him and she has -- because of her family, holding, she has a complicated confirmation hearing but the president is willing to go through that. also with the federal housing credit agency which oversees fannie mae, freddie mac and picking mel watt a democrat from the chart area of north carolina. republicans thought they had hair own plan in the works to reform fannie and freddie and that is not going to happen. mel has good relations with the banking community there and the republi
never do this again. wow. thanks very much. >> thanks, charles. cheryl: cisco c.e.o. live from the white house on a public private partnership to help trains veterans to make the transition into corporate live easier and ask him whether his stock continues to rise. dennis: and blame obama care for wanting an increase in health policy costs. first the world's currencies preparing the u.s. dollar. >> i'm lauren green with your fox news minute. in prague, rescue crews continue to seven for people who may be trapped after this morning's explosion. up to 55 people are injured in the blast that collapsed much of the first floor of the office building in the center of the czech capital. natural gas leak is the suspected cause. damaus,yrianister is alive after a bomb attack targeted his convoy. state media is reporting six people were killed. the united nations is urging syria to allow a team of experts into the country to investigate allegations the syrian regime used chemical weapons. in new york the final spire species are being installed atop one world trade center. it will provide a broadca
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